Sunday, May 10, 2009

Star Trek ROCKS!!!

From the Desk of Editor-In-Chief, BobbleheadBen
Hey everybody. I just wanted to get on here and type something for the first time in about a month or more so I thought what better to talk about than Star Trek.
So far I have seen it twice and I plan on seeing it at IMAX when it finally gets to Spokane. Now there is a lot of debate between Trekkies (or is it Trekker? That debate is still going on...). Some absolutely hate it because they feel it violates the original cannon. Now how I see it they made it so tht they can create a new cannon without fear of having to violate the original. There are a few parts that I think the writers took the easy way out, but overall I enjoyed it very much. I agree with what Rainn Wilson said on Twitter about the ice planet part. It was used as an easy way to move the plot ahead in a way that didn't make sense and showed a lack of thought. It was way funnier than I ever expected that it could be. It is widely agreed by everyone that the actor playing Dr. McCoy was the truest to the original. Chekov with the "Wulcans" was hillarious and the best line came from Scotty when he said, "Do they have sandwiches in the future?" I look forward to seeing where this goes and I hope that the writing for future movies remains as good as it is here. The one thing I kept waiting for but never happened was I kept expecting Spock (played by Zachary Quinto, a.k.a. Sylar on Heroes) to slice the top of someones head off. I actually started calling him Spocklar :) He did very good though. There were some surprising character choices including such actors as Tyler Perry, Wynona Ryder and Jennifer Morrison. I'll let you see who else shows up for yourself. The point I am making is GO SEE THIS MOVIE. You do not have to be a Trekkie to enjoy the movie.

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